Yvonnick Debray followed an atypical way. He comes from Brittany and obtained a degree in accountancy. Passionate about wine, he has lived for twenty years in the Paris region, where he sold wine on fairs throughout France. In 2006, he decided to settle down in Burgundy and thus acquired a vineyard on the Côte de Beaune. The winery and cellars of his domain are based in the heart of Beaune.

Our job

The rational vine treatment

The domaine has been working this manner since 2006. The principle is simple : we only treat vine stocks against diseases or pest if it is necessary. Every intervention is based on careful observsation and previous counts for every plot. Consequently, all of them are sprayed differently. We aslso set a treshold limit of acceptable contamination : we do not aim at zero tolerance, which is useless and overpolluting. The common sense consists in finding an acceptable limit that does not harm the final quality of grapes. It indeed is long, more complex, yet logical. This also contributes to a decrease in pollution, which is essential, and without taking any risk, given that our parcels are meticulously observed.



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